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Extracting Base Map Spatial Data

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Alteryx users who have purchased the TomTom Alteryx Maps data set have the ability to extract layers into various formats using the Alteryx Street Analytic App.

Installs from TomTom 2011 Q3 Alteryx Maps forward, include the Street App within the install.  The App replaces what was previously known as the StreetWare product.  The Alteryx Street App is an extraction tool which allows the user to extract TomTom layers into various file formats such as .tab, .shp, .yxdb to name a few.

The App is specific to the data install vintage of TomTom Alteryx Maps Data and is located in the, AlteryxDataProductsAlteryxMapTomTom_US_xxxx_Qx directory.  To run the Street App (TomTom_US_yyyy_Qx.yxwz) you will need to browse to the location above and select it.

Under the Geography Selection tab, select the Geographies you would like data for. You may select all, single or multiple Geographies as shown below:

Under the Layer Selection tab, you may select the individual layers you would like to install for the Geographies that you selected.

The Output Options tab allows you to select the file format you wish to create and the Destination directory you wish to install the data to.  There is also an option to merge the geographies.


One feature of the wizard that was not present in the StreetWare product is the ability to create seamless .tab files.  This feature allows the user the ability to bypass the 2 GB limitation that .tab files have.

Please note .shp files also have a 2 GB file size limitation but do not offer the same seamless ability that is incorporate in the extraction of .tab files

When .tab file format is selected a folder is created containing the referenced .tab tables, the seamless .tab files are visible below this folder.  As Shown Below:


The seamless .tab files will be opened and viewed in MapInfo as normal.  The individual .tab files that are referenced by the Seamless files can be found in the SeamlessTabFiles folder.

We hope our users find that the Street App will be an easy-to-use utility to extract the desired map layers for use in their preferred applications.
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