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Exporting Multiple Geography types to MapInfo



One of the great things about Alteryx is the ability to have multiple geography types (points, lines, regions) all contained within the same record.


1 geog types.png

2 multi geogs pic.png


However, when exporting map layers to MapInfo Tab file format, a decision has to be made of which spatial field to keep.  What if you want all of them?!


3 output options.png


Not to worry! The Transpose tool will save the day!


7 workflow image.png


To configure the Transpose tool all fields will need to be selected under the Key Fields except for the spatial fields, they will be selected under the Data Fields.


4 transpose config.png


5 transpose results.png


Just note that there are now 2 fields for the radius. RadiusSize will correspond to the first trade area (row 2) and RadiusSize2 will correspond to the second trade area (row 3).


Now, more importantly all the spatial objects exist in one field (the Value field) and can now easily be exported to MapInfo.


6 output options final.png


 Note: this methodology will also work for ESRI shapefiles, however, all the spatial objects must be of the same type. All points, all polygons...


(An example workflow is attached. This workflow was created in Alteryx 10.0)