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Errors and warnings occur when predictive model names contain spaces

Errors and warnings occur when predictive model names contain spaces 

Depending on the tools used, messages such as these occur. 

Warning: Linear Regression: The invalid name Test Model Name has been replaced by Test_Model_Name. 
Error: Stepwise: Error in parse(text = paste(, "<- orig.model")) : 
Error: Lift Chart: Error in parse(text = paste("the.tbl$", i, "_Cum_Pct <- round(100*cum.pct, 3)",  
Error: Score: The argument was not a call object.


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The tools in the Predictive toolbar use R code packages included with the installation wizard. In general, names with spaces are avoided in R code to ensure that an object referenced by a name works in code functions. 

When a predictive model name contains spaces, it will still work in the tool itself where the name is defined, as the spaces are temporarily replaced by underscore characters to process the data. The replacement of the spaces shows in a warning message that appears in the workflow results. 

Errors may still occur in predictive tools that are downstream from a predictive model with spaces in the name. Tools that could have errors include Lift Chart, Score, and Stepwise. 


Spaces in predictive model names should be removed or replaced.

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