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Error transferring data: failed initialization with Download Tool


Environment Details

All versions


The download tool utilizes cURL to make requests. When an initial request is made to communicate with a Secure (SSL) server (SFTP or HTTPS) the client proposes Algorithms that the data can be encrypted with. If the Host server is not willing to communicate using any of the proposed algorithms, the server will terminate communication.


There is no workaround besides making sure any cipher suites we propose exist on the host server. This many not be possible if the organization requires specific security. The Download tool can currently only use SHA1 for encryption. If the SFTP or HTTPS will only communicate with SHA2, the connection will fail.

6 - Meteoroid

will alteryx be upgrading to support the SHA2 (TLS 1.2) security protocols?  this is impacting a lot of ability to up/down load with sftp servers

6 - Meteoroid

I am using an Alteryx server and using the WINSCR is not an option