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Error: "Unsupported data type 'bit'", when writing data with a Boolean to Snowflake

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Environment Details

When trying to write to a Snowflake database using a DSN-less connection string in the Output Data tool and when a Boolean column exists in the data set, the following error occurs:


SQL compilation error: Unsupported data type 'bit'.

If the Boolean column was removed with a Select tool in the workflow, data will write successfully.


  • Designer
    • All 
    • Output Data tool
  • Snowflake
    • DSN-less connection string set up
    • Boolean data type
  • Snowflake ODBC Drivers
    • Version 2.21.07


Lua scripts are not being used when using a DSN-less connection string in the workflow, either directly in the Input/Output tool or within a saved Gallery data connection. Lua scripts map driver and database data types to Alteryx types. Since the Lua script is not being used with a DSN-less connection string, the bit data type is being used by default, which will not work with Snowflake.




Create a System DSN connection to Snowflake for either the Output Data tool or a Gallery Data connection set up.




If using a Gallery set up, ensure that both DSN connection setups are configured and named identical on the Alteryx Server and client Designer machine.


Additional Information