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Error: "Unable to overwrite a cell that contains a formula" when Overwriting Values in Excel


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer
    • 2020.3+
An error is thrown when attempting to overwrite cells in Excel that are already prepopulated with values that are generated with a formula. 
Error: Output Data (96): Error: Unable to overwrite a cell that contains a formula: AM24. Adjust your range to avoid formula overwrite.


This is due to a code change that was put into place to address a related issue where overwriting a sheet in an Excel workbook would corrupt existing pivot tables and formulas. 


The value can only be overwritten with another formula. For example, if the new value will be 8.25, the value that it would need to be replaced with on the workflow would need to include an equal sign. In this example, the value would need to be replaced with =8 instead.