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Error: "The Tool ID [id] Is not in the document"


Error: “The Tool ID [id] is not in the document”


Environment Details

When opening a workflow, the following error is received:

"The Tool ID [xxx] Is not in the document".
  • Alteryx Designer
  • List of other symptoms
    • If you attempt to remove the duplicate questions and Tool ID references using a text editor, the error happens again for different Tool IDs.
  • Show All Macro Messages Additional Information/Messages (Specifically Macro tools/R tools)
    • If using a Macro, this message may also appear: "An error occurred while loading questions into the view. Error message: There was a duplicate question named "MacroInput [ID]"."


Typically, this type of error is the result of the workflow XML getting corrupted.




Solution A  

Autorecover the File
  1. In designer, navigate to File > Open Workflow > Open Autorecovered Files.
  2. Select a version of the file prior to the corruption.
  3. Click "Open".
  4. Repeat this process until an uncorrupted version is found.

Solution B 

Restore a Previous .bak File
  1. Navigate where the workflow is stored.
  2. Enable hidden items within File Explorer to search for .bak files (View > Show > Hidden Items).
  3. Right-click the .bak file and select "Rename"
  4. Delete the .bak extension from the name (so that the file ends in .yxmd, .yxmc, .yxwz, etc.)
  5. Reopen the file in Designer

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