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Error - "Render(8): The file *** is not a supported format" while generating Reports in Alteryx Designer


Environment Details

When you run an App in the Alteryx Designer, the Action tool errors out as - "Render(8): The file is not a supported format".

Version : Alteryx Designer - 2019.1 and above


This error occurs when there is no extension provided in the text-box used in the Actions tool of the Designer App.

Example - Users might just give the folder location, without the extension, as attached in the error message.


You need to provide a valid extension (.pdf in this case) to generate the reports in the PDF format. I had attached a valid Actions window, while running the App, which will have a valid extension after the folder location, in the text box used (.pdf).

This will generate the required files in the .pdf extension in the corresponding folders.

idea Skyscrapers

idea Skyscrapers