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Error: "Query timeout" when running a workflow connected to Amazon Athena

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Environment Details

When running a workflow that's connected to Amazon Athena and the following error occurs:


Error: Input Data (1): Error SQLExecute: [Simba][Athena] (1040) An error has been thrown from the AWS
Athena client. Athena Error No: 360406992, Error Message: Query timeout


The workflow runs for 30 minutes and then errors out.


  • Alteryx Designer
    • 2021.1
  • Amazon Athena
  • Athena ODBC
    • 1.1.2


The Athena 30-minute quota has been reached.


Limit the number of rows to be returned within Alteryx, especially if a table contains millions of rows and/or is very wide. It's possible to use In-DB tools so that data is not moved to the local Designer machine for performance improvement.



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