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Error: "Oracle driver: You are not licensed to use this DataDirect Technologies product" when connecting to Oracle in a workflow

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Environment Details

When making a connection to Oracle in the workflow the following error occurs:

[TPT][ODBC Oracle driver]You are not licensed to use this DataDirect Technologies product under the license you have purchased.

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  • Alteryx Designer
    • All Versions.
  • Oracle
    • Oracle 12c and higher
  • Progress Third Party Software


Third party ODBC driver by Progress for Oracle is being used.


Per the Progress KB article, the cause of this error is because, "The license file found by the driver was a previously existing license file for an older product version."


Please note we do not support non-native\third party ODBC drivers to Oracle. Continuing to use uncertified software may have unknown or adverse affects on workflow stability, functionality, and compatibility and will be beyond the scope of our support.

It's recommend to remove the third party ODBC driver and install a native Oracle client as it's supported by the Alteryx platform.

The Oracle 12c (64-bit) client is supported and can be downloaded from the Oracle site:

NOTE: You will need to create a free Oracle account or login to an existing Oracle account to download the Oracle client.

1. Click the Oracle client download named, "" (you may need to scroll towards the bottom of the page to locate it.)

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2. After the zip file downloads, unzip to the Desktop.
3. Double-click the setup.exe and follow the on-screen prompts.
4. It's recommended to choose either the Administrator or Runtime option for the installation type for ease of use with the Alteryx Platform.

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5. Follow the remaining on-screen prompts in the Setup Wizard. See the Oracle documentation for more information on setup options for 12c on Windows.