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Error: "ORA-28094: SQL construct not supported by data redaction" when trying to test query



The following Oracle error occurs when testing a simple query (select * from tablename) in the SQL Editor tab of the Visual Query Builder pop-up window. 

ORA-28094: SQL Construct Not Supported By Data Redaction

Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer
    • 2020.1+
  • Oracle
    • 12.2
  • Oracle Instant Client
    • 12.2


An ORA-28094: SQL construct not supported by data redaction error is raised if a query involves a UNION of redacted columns and each branch of the UNION does not have the same redaction policy. In this case, the table was actually a view, which contained redacted columns, so is not immediately obvious to the user. Although Oracle Database does not support complex SQL that involves redacted columns, this error is not raised if the user who is executing a query with complex SQL has the EXEMPT REDACTION POLICY system privilege. 

Solution A

Rewrite the query to avoid using an unsupported construct. Consult the Oracle documentation for details.


Solution B

Where it's not possible to rewrite the query (e.g. querying a view that contains the mismatched redacted columns) contact your DBA to request the EXEMPT REDACTION POLICY privilege.

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