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Error: "ORA-12592: TNS:Bad Packet Error" occurs when running a workflow


Environment Details

When running a workflow, intermittently the following error occurs:

ORA-12592: TNS:Bad Packet Error

idea Skyscrapers

The error seems to be more prominent while on VPN.

  • Alteryx Designer + Scheduler
    • All versions
  • Oracle
    • 11g +


Cause 1

ORA-12592 is an Oracle network error that could be related to the network or the amount of data that is running through the workflow or both.


Cause 2

Incoming Null data is being loaded to an Oracle table that has NOT NULL constraints.



Solution 1

Adjust Oracle parameters on the Oracle server. Contact the organization's IT team to help with any network monitoring and/or the Oracle DBA to adjust the following Oracle parameter in the SQLnet.ora file.



(Ask the Oracle DBA for the exact value.)



Solution 2

If data coming into the workflow has null values and the Oracle table(s) constraints are set to NOT NULL; change the constraints to the table(s) to nullable. Please consult the Oracle DBA to make the change. See the Alteryx Community post for more information.


Workaround 1

Add the throttle tool to the workflow to control the amount of data that can pass through to downstream tools by dictating how many records are sent per minute; in case too much data is coming in at once. See the throttle tool help file for more information.

Workaround 2

Attempt to schedule data intensive workflows for the weekends or late nights when network and VPN loads are minimal.

Additional Information

Oracle documentation
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