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Error: "ORA-00900: invalid SQL Statement" when executing a procedure in the Pre/Post SQL Statement section

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Environment Details

When running a workflow with an Input or Output Data tool and trying to execute a procedure via the Pre or Post SQL Statement section, the following error occurs:


ORA-00900: invalid SQL Statement

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  • Alteryx Designer
    • All Versions
  • Oracle
    • All Versions
  • PL/SQL
    • Anonymous Block
    • Execute
    • Call


Using an anonymous block or execute command in the Pre or Post SQL Statement window of either of the Input Data or Output Data tools within the workflow.

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EXEC test_sp_1;

The Pre and Post SQL Statement windows do not support anonymous blocks nor does it support the SQL Plus command EXEC, which is a shortcut for an anonymous block.


Use the CALL command and always include the open and closing parenthesis, even if there are no parameters to pass in the Procedure. See the following examples:

Standard syntax:

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Syntax when using parameters:
CALL SCHEMA.MYPROC(10, 20, my_var)
  • Ensure there's a space between each parameter values. Placing a semi-colon at the end is optional.
  • Ensure that the proper permissions are granted to the user for the stored procedure.
  • This is an example of a successful status in the Workflow Results window:
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6 - Meteoroid

This was extremely helpful. I created a brand new procedure to simply truncate the table before I load it again. 

One thing I forgot was to make sure my database user had the proper grants on the proc. 

I was able to execute the procedure from SQL Developer but Alteryx kept throwing an error, invalid object. 

Added grants, now it works!