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Error: "Input Data (1): Error SQLExecute: No active warehouse selected in the current session." while trying to connect to Snowflake from Input Data Tool


Environment Details


When a user tries to connect to Snowflake from Alteryx Designer, using Input Data tool, the following error is thrown after running the workflow:

Error: Input Data (1): Error SQLExecute: No active warehouse selected in the current session.  Select an active warehouse with the 'use warehouse' command.


This error is caused because of missing warehouse information, during the Snowflake session, when Designer connects to Snowflake Database(DB)

The warehouse information might be missing in any of the below scenarios:
  • If there is no warehouse information, including the database and schema information on the Snowflake DSN, that is created using ODBC Data Sources window
  • Even if the warehouse name is provided in the DSN configuration, due to DSN access permissions(if it is a User DSN, and the warehouse name is not accessible because of permission issues), the warehouse name is not recognized during the snowflake connection session in the Designer.


To resolve this error, ensure that the below steps are implemented:
  • Launch the ODBC Data Sources Administrator window, after clicking on your "Start" menu and typing "ODBC"
  • Select the Snowflake DSN that is created, and click on "Configure", for the "Snowflake Configuration Dialog" to open, as below:
  • Ensure that you have given the correct warehouse name, database name, and schema name in the corresponding text-boxes:
  • Click on "OK"
  • Navigate to Designer screen and re-select this DSN to reconfigure the connection and run the workflow.
If the error still occurs, even after including the warehouse information on the DSN, the warehouse name, schema name and database name can be added in the "Pre-SQL Statement" field of Input Data tool's Configuration screen, as below:

use .;
use warehouse ;

This would pass on the database, schema and warehouse information to the Snowflake session and the tables would be imported successfully in the Designer.
6 - Meteoroid

Doesn't seem to work.  I just get this error after trying the above.