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Error: "HTTP Error 403: Forbidden", when using Output Data tool to Hive HDFS in an encrypted zone


Environment Details

When connecting to Hive with Kerberos authentication and outputting to a table in HDFS in an encrypted zone, the following error occurs:

Output Data (1) Failed to upload file (host.mycompany.net:99999): HTTP Error 403: Forbidden - "User:hdfs not allowed to do 'DECRYPT_EEK' on 'hostkey1'


  • Alteryx Designer
    • All versions
  • Hive HDFS
  • Kerberos Encrypted Zones




Alteryx does not support HDFS Encryption zones. Alteryx currently has no way of handling the encryption keys and to send the appropriate request.




None. Please submit a product idea on the Product Ideas forum in Community.

Additional Information

Encryption in HDFS documentation.