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Error: "Generic Tool : Can't find plugin : AlteryxRPluginEngine.dll" while installing Additional R packages in the Alteryx Designer


Environment Details

When a user is trying to install Additional R packages(using the steps mentioned in this article), the following error is thrown while running the Install R packages app:

GenericTool (1): Can't find plugin "AlteryxRPluginEngine.dll"

Also, there might also be a symptom of missing Predictive tools under the "Predictive" tab of Alteryx Designer, similar to the screenshot below:

  • Alteryx Designer - 2019.1+



This error is caused when the user tries to install the additional R packages in the Alteryx Designer, however, there are no basic Predictive tools installed properly. In order to install additional R packages into the Alteryx Designer through the "Install R Packages" app, the Predictive tools need be installed as a prerequisite. If there are no Predictive tools installed, this leads to the above error.


To resolve this error, please follow the below steps, to install the Predictive Tools on the Alteryx Designer:

  • This can be done in two ways:
    1. Open your Alteryx Designer and click on "Options" menu --> "Download Predictive Tools" menu.
      • This will open our downloads portal for you to login and will re-direct to the Alteryx versions.
      • Choose "Alteryx Designer" and choose the right Alteryx Designer version(for instance - Alteryx Designer - 2019.4)
      • Choose the correct Predictive tool installer, based on the type of Alteryx Designer you have installed. For example - If you have Alteryx Designer - Admin version, choose "Alteryx Predictive Tools - Admin version" or if you have Alteryx Designer - Non-Admin version, choose "Non-Admin Alteryx Predictive Tools"(To know if your Designer is an Admin Designer or a non-Admin Designer, click on "Help menu --> About" on your Alteryx Designer. The first line shows the type of Designer installed)
      • Download the right R Installer exe file and run the installer clicking "Next" until "Install". This will install the R based Predictive tools on the Alteryx Designer.  
    2. You can also navigate to licenses.alteryx.com, log in, and go to the Alteryx Designer downloads and follow the steps above to download the matching R Installer for the Alteryx Designer version.
  • The installed R based installer, will include all of the predictive tools under the "Predictive" tab as well as the R tool in the "Developer" tab.
  • Once you install the R based Predictive tools, you will find the "Predictive" tab, with the new tools installed from the above Installer, as attached in the image below:
  • Now, if the "Install R packages" is run, the app will progress without any errors(as seen in the image below) and the additional R packages downloaded in the user's personal R library folder (example: C:\Users\%windows_account%\Documents\R\win-library\%R_version% where %R_version% is the current R version, like 3.4 for Designer 2019.4 - for example)