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Error "Failed to authenticate" OneDrive with Service Principal (Resolved)

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Error: “Failed to authenticate”


Environment Details

While using the OneDrive connector (v2.0.1) and authenticating with the option "Service Principal" 

Failed to authenticate.
  • Alteryx Designer 2021.3.3
  • OneDrive v2.0.1
  • Authentication with Service Principal enabled





While authenticating, the connector will send you to a pop-up window to enter your credentials (this authentication method is the same as "Sign in via Browser" referred to as "Basic").
The basic authentication provides the user a token to access OneDrive files and thus displays the files list within the configuration window.
However in doing so currently the login details are lost and the Service principal that should kick in to provide access is not passed through and creates the authentication error.

OneDrive XML configuration producing the error :

OneDrive XML configuration expected :



If you are not scheduling workflow with the OneDrive connector you can use the "Sign in via Browser" to authenticate.
A defect is raised internally to resolve the issue in a future release. 

The new OneDrive connector (v2.0.2) has a fix that alleviate this issue.

Additional Resources

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Does it apply to Sharepoint Input? 

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@erich_shiino Yes it does.Version 1.1.0 got the same issue as the One Drive one.

Currently I'm also not able to let the sharepoint files input connect to sharepoint via scheduler.