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Error "DisableAllOutputForLicense" in Predictive Tools

Data Scientist
Data Scientist
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As soon as any tool installed with Predictive Tools that uses R code is added to the Designer Canvas, an error message reading Internal Error: Unknown InitVar "DisableAllOutputForLicense" populates on the Tool and in the Results Messages.


image001 (1).png




We have identified the root cause of this error as mismatching versions of Alteryx Designer and the Predictive Tools Installation. If you are experiencing this error with any of the R-based Tools, you will need to check that you have the same version of Designer and Predictive Tools: 11.8x.... installed, and that both installations are either Admin or Non-Admin.


You can check what version of Alteryx Designer you are running by navigating to Help > About in Designer. The resulting window will also let you know if the installation is Admin or Non-Admin. 



To check your Predictive Tools version, for Admin, navigate to C:\Program Files\Alteryx\R-3.3.2\plugin\x64  for Non-Admin, navigate to C:\Users\{YOURNAMEHERE}\AppData\Local\Alteryx\R-3.3.2\plugin\x64


Right-click on AlteryxRPluginEngine.dll and select Properties > Details




The version will be under File version and Product Version






If you find you have mismatching versions, first, uninstall your Predictive Tools from Add or Remove Programs in System Settings. 





After uninstalling, install the matching version of the Predictive Tools. Predictive Tool versions >11.7 can be found on our new Downloads Portal. You should be able to log in with your Community credentials.


In the Downloads Portal, select the link that Says Alteryx Designer in the Middle of the Page under Product Downloads.




This will take you to a new page that lists the different versions of Designer available for download.



Click the link for 11.8, and it should take you to a page were there are multiple files associated with Designer to download, including the Predictive Tools.





Download either the Admin or Non-admin version of the predictive tools, depending on what version of Designer is installed on your machine. 


Thanks for reading!