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Error opening file: Unexpected end of file has occurred

Community Content Engineer
Community Content Engineer

The day will come.  You are on a deadline, you need some data, and it happens: you cannot open your workflow.


error message.JPG


What now?  Your file has been corrupted somehow, and you need to restore it asap to meet your deadline.  Don't fret!  Here are two options:


Check your Autosaved files! It's possible you have a nearly complete version saved from the last time you worked on this module:  File > Open Workflow > Open Autosaved Files (there's even a timestamp!)




Your second option is a great example of what the .bak files are for (in case you were ever wondering). First, check to see if your .yxmd was indeed corrupted.  Right click your corrupted .yxmd in a windows explorer, and open with Notepad (or Notepad++ or a similar program).


At the end of every correct Alteryx workflow will be the tag </AlteryxDocument>




If your module is corrupted, it could end with anything – but the error message will tell you exactly where your file was truncated.  If you do not see that tag, here's what to do:  right-click the .bak file associated with your workflow, and simply rename the extension to .yxmd


Now, go meet that deadline!  Save early, save often, and Happy Alteryx-ing!


This was incredibly helpful! I panicked when Alteryx crashed and I wasn't able to open my workflow. I simply found the autosaved file and restored the file. Crisis averted! Thank you!


Thank you! I've spent months perfecting my workflow and I got this error this morning. So thankful for this community, I didn't even have to panic because a quick search solved the issue.