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Error opening SHOW VARIABLES LIKE aurora-version when connecting to MariaDB via ODBC



When selecting the input data tool to connect to MariaDB via an ODBC DSN, the following error occurs in the workflow:

Error opening "SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'aurora_version'"

The Visual Query Builder does show a table, so a connection is made, but any query placed into the Editor and clicking on the Test Query button produces the error. Or simply running the workflow will produce the error.

Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer
    • 2020.1.2 or lower
  • MariaDB ODBC Driver
  • MariaDB Database


MariaDB is only supported on Alteryx Designer 2021.3 and higher. MariaDB is not supported on earlier versions of Designer, should the error occur. Validation details are on the MariaDB Data Source page.


Upgrade to Alteryx version 2021.3 or higher and obtain the support Simba drivers for MariaDB from the Downloads page and it's recommended to adhere to the Alteryx Version Support Policy.

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