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Error : Workflow asset(s) are not displaying whilst Alteryx Designer is 2021.3 set to different language

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Error: Asset(s) is/are not displaying whilst trying to save a workflow/app with asset(s) via Alteryx Gallery when Alteryx Designer is set with the following language : French, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer 2021.3.1 and 2021.3.2
If you are trying to save a workflow with asset(s) to an Alteryx Gallery (File => Save As => Private Gallery => (..) => Workflow Options => Manage workflow assets).
You will get a blank window instead of the assets management.



This is a know defect ref : GCSE-218.
Likely linked to an user interface issue with the "Welcome" bracket, the banner gets extended and prevent the rest of the page to be displayed. 

Removing the text alleviate the issue : 



  1. Open Designer
  2. Switching Language image.jpeg to English or Chinese and allow the page to populate accordingly.
  3. Try to upload the workflow to gallery, The page should appear as expected

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