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Error: The Following Fields Are Not Updatable Members of the Target Table


Error: “The following fields are not updatable members of the target table: [Field_Name]”


Environment Details

Error is received when performing an update to a record with the Salesforce Output Tool. The column is locked for editing by your Salesforce Administrator or is the incorrect primary key to reference for updating the record.

The following fields are not updatable members of the target table: [Field_Name]
  • Alteryx Designer
  • Salesforce Output Tool
    • All versions
  • Salesforce



This error indicates that the field provided in the error could not be used as a primary key to update the record the Salesforce Output Tool is pushing, or that the record is locked for editing by a Salesforce Administrator.




  1. Please consult with the Salesforce Admin to identify the proper primary key and ensure the table can be edited by you, including proper write permissions.
  2. Salesforce permissions needed include Modify All access and API enabled.
  3. Another consideration is that you may have a service account used on the Alteryx Server to run schedules jobs, which will need these permissions as well.

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