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Error: R Installer fails when installing Trial (Designer)


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer (Trial version)
    • 2021.2
  • R Predictive tools

An error is seen when attempting to install the Designer Trial (v2021.2) with the R Predictive Tools.


The trial was downloading the Admin version of the Designer install which caused the included Non-Admin R installer to fail. This has been corrected, so it should not be encountered in future.


  1. If you have downloaded your 2021.2 Designer Trial on or before May 19, and have not successfully installed it, please re-download the Installer from Alteryx Free Trial | Alteryx.
  2. If you have successfully downloaded and installed the Admin Version of the Designer Trial (the installer file name will be AlteryxInstall as opposed to AlteryxNonAdminInstallx64) , and want to trial the Predictive/R Tools, please reach out to support@alteryx.com (Subject Line:Need Admin R Tools for Trial)   for an R Tools installer compatible with the admin version.