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Error: MapServerError - Routine:msDrawRasterLayerLow Message:Corrupt empty or missing file


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer, Server .
    • Version(s) 2019.3 or lower
  • Third Party products
    • Digital Globe Maps
  • Additional required assets
    • Mapbox Installer


 The following error occurs when the Report Map tool or Map Input tools are configured to use Digital Globe Basemaps . The Digital Globe basemaps have been discontinued which is why the error occurs.
MapServerError - Routine:msDrawRasterLayerLow() Message:Corrupt, empty or missing file 'D:\\TEMP\Engine_28452_4e536fdb34544002af0f9695beab75ae_\YxTileTemp13_2394_3072.png' for layer 'Satellite'. `E:\\TEMP\Engine_28452_4e536fdb34544002af0f9695beab75ae_\YxTileTemp13_2394_3072.png' not recognized Code:1 


Since the Digital Globe Aerials tile services have been discontinued, we must upgrade to the Mapbox Maps using the installer located at under your version of Alteryx. If you upgrade your Designer beyond 2019.4, then you will not need to use the Mapbox Installer.

The last piece to this is that if you are using a specific vintage of Digital Globe Aerials, then they will not automatically convert to Alteryx Satellite. If you have 'Most Recent Vintage' selected, then they will upgrade automatically. To convert specific vintages of Digital Globe Aerials you will need to go into each tool that has the basemap configured and correct it to Alteryx Satellite.