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Error: FileID does not match in the FileHeader

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

This error is typically thrown when trying to read a file that does not match the selected File Format, but also in rare cases, from a corrupted file.

Error: FileID does not match in the FileHeader



Common causes/ resolutions:


Inputting a yxdb file? Make sure your file type is .yxdb rather than .csv, .kml, etc.


Trying to access a yxdb while it's updating? If you try to access the yxdb before the module is done running, or if the module crashes/errors during the creation of the yxdb, you'll see this error. Use a Block Until Done tool immediately before your Output tool.


Using a Directory tool/ Dynamic Input? Specify the file type. If your Dynamic Input is pointing to a yxdb template, use the *.yxdb wildcard in your Directory tool, rather than the all-extensions wildcard *.*


Running an app in the Gallery? Check 'Replace a specific string' in the Action connected to the Input tool where you specified the file type.


As always, if this does not resolve your error, please open a Support ticket through the Case Portal.



Happy Alteryx-ing!

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6 - Meteoroid

I was able to resolve the issue by navigating to the file location listed in the error and deleting it.  The file appears to be the cache that is created when you check "Cache Data" in the configuration window of the input tool when your input is a query.  Alteryx is then forced to create a new file.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

I was having this same issue while trying to bring in data from S3. If anyone comes across a similar scenario, make sure that the file format matches the object format (ie; pulling in a csv, ensure that the File Format in the configuration pane is set to csv). Pretty straight forward.

8 - Asteroid

Hi @CristonS and thanks for these examples of when you'd see the "The FileID does not match in the FileHeader." error.


I'm experiencing one not mentioned in your post.


I've created multiple .yxdb's using the Download Tool. The content is html. Output is 'To a File' using 'Filename from a Field' (the path and filename.yxdb is included in the field). When I add the .yxdb's to an empty workflow I see the following.

DownloadData saved to .yxdb (1 of 4 .yxdb's in export)DownloadData saved to .yxdb (1 of 4 .yxdb's in export)

The reason for the .yxdb output format is due to the limited DownloadData field size. Looking forward to suggestions.




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@TR Thank you for reaching out, Todd!  Can you please post to our Data Sources forum? 


Your questions will get much higher visibility on the Community, and other users who may have seen this issue.  In order to help you with this matter, we will likely need to see one of the failing yxdbs, and the comments section of a KB article is not an ideal place to post this type of information.


Please also include any additional relevant information, such as what version of Alteryx you're using, if it's a particular file that's not reading in, or if none of them are, etc.


Thank you!

5 - Atom

Hi All, I am facing the same issue but the file I inputted is a yxdb (alteryx file) as well as the output. I still don't understand why it throw the same error? 

Please help. 

8 - Asteroid