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ERROR: {"data":null,"exceptionName":"UnauthorizedException","innerExceptionMessage":"","message":"Timestamp is not close enough to the current server time."}


Environment Details

Error "Timestamp is not close enough to the current server time" when running a workflow that contains an Oauth Macro in Alteryx Designer. 
ERROR:{"data":null,"exceptionName":"UnauthorizedException","innerExceptionMessage":"","message":"Timestamp is not close enough to the current server time."
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The Oauth_timestamp value was not close enough to the Server value when the request was submitted. 


  1. Add a Batch Macro. This Batch Macro will determine the current date time epoch prior to submitting each request, rather than calculating it once in an initial workflow. This will ensure your Oauth_timestamp is close enough to the server's time.
  2. Place the following in the Batch Macro:
ToString(DATETIMEDIFF(DateTimeToUTC(DateTimeNow()), '1970-01-01 00:00:00', 'seconds'))


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