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ERROR: "Could not build wheels for cryptography which use PEP 517 and cannot be installed directly" while installing OneDrive tools in Alteryx Designer


Environment Details

​​​When a user/admin installs the One-Drive tool, the installation starts and errors with the following error message on the Alteryx Designer:

  • Alteryx Designer
    • Any version which is 2020.3 or below
  • Affects all the Python based Data Connectors
    • Google BigQuery
    • DynamicsCRM
    • Azure Data Lake Store
    • OneDrive
    • PowerBI
    • Salesforce 4.0 and above(Python based)


This is a known issue(DE28032) - which is caused because of the missing cryptography version on the requirements.txt file.

Please note - This error can occur for any Python based Data Connectors like - Google BigQuery, DynamicsCRM, ADLS, OneDrive, PowerBI, Salesforce 4.0 and above



Following steps are the workaround, in order to resolve the issue. Please note - As this error can occur to any of the python based Data Connector tools, you may need to edit the "requirements.txt" file for the Input or Output based connectors, for each category. 

For example, Google Big Query, ADLS, OneDrive, Salesforce - all these python based tools have both Input and Output connectors, and each of the input/output folders have their own requirements.txt file, which you need to edit to fix this error.

  • Create a new folder(for example - OneDriveTool) and place your downloaded .yxi file(in this case one_drive_v1.0.2.yxi)
  • Ensure that you are able to see the file extension on this yxi file. If you do not see the .yxi extension, you may need to enable "File name extensions" check box under the "View" menu of the File Explorer:
  • Rename this .yxi file to .zip file, by right clicking and renaming the extension, as below:
  • Once it is renamed to .zip file, right click and extract all files in this folder location:
  • You would see two folders - One for Onedrive Input and the other for OneDrive Output. Please note - you need to make the changes from the below steps 1 and 2 for both the OneDrive Input folder and the OneDrive Output folder.
  1. Navigate into the newly extracted folder(OneDrive Input and OneDrive Output) and locate the rquirements.txt and open it
  2. Add cryptography==2.9.2 to the first line and save it
  • Please apply the above change for the OneDrive Input and OneDrive Output folders - i.e - you would be editing the same file(requirements.txt) in each of the OneDrive Input / Output folder.
  • After saving, select all the files on this OneDrive folder, where you have the extracted files, right click and select "7-zip" --> "Add to one_drive_v1.0.2.zip" to rezip the changes.
  • This will archive all the extracted files into a new zip file. Now, rename this zip file, to .yxi, as below:
  • After renaming, reinstall the tool set by re-running the .yxi file installer
6 - Meteoroid

Hello Vijay,


Hope you are doing well, your solution posted above did successfully install the OneDrive Tools in my Alteryx Designer version 2020.2.3. However, I'm now facing a new issue when I bring the One Drive Input Tool on the canvas. I don't  see configuration window options and get an error.


The Error:  OneDrive Input (3) Traceback (most recent call last):¶ File "main.py", line 4, in <module>¶ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'one_drive_input'¶




Strangely there is no such error for the One Drive Output tool. Any help or guidance on this issue would be extremely helpful. Thank you.


6 - Meteoroid



No worries, I was able to solve the issue, an additional python module (Patsy: statsmodel python add on) is required to be installed before the process you have mentioned is executed.


I followed instructions on this link and executed your process.



Thank you very much.