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Dynamic Select with In Database Tools


If you are developing with Alteryx's In-Database tools you may want to share the workflows with users who do not have as much database experience. Below is an example workflow to create amacro that will allow your users to select which fields are brought out of the in database tools without interacting with the in database tools directly.

The premise of the process is that you can stream out a single record of your table, then leverage a List Boxtool in select mode to de-select the fields your user does not want to pull. From there, you can use Field Summary and Summarize to create a select statement that will be used to update a Dynamic Input In-DBtool.

To run in your environment, update the Connect In-DB tool to a connection that exists on your machine and start with a select all query.


17 - Castor

FYI, I'm one of those users with command line error for Field Summary (and no my temp directory doesn't have a space) . I swapped out Field Summary for Field Info in the macro with no ill effects as both generate field names in the [Name] column after running.