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Disable Output and Browse Tools


Have you ever developed a workflow, had it in production and then needed to make some edits/updates? How do you test the new process without overwriting important files being created by your workflow?


You could delete the connections to the output tools, and then reconnect when you're ready. Or, you can do it the easy way and use the Runtime setting in the Workflow Configuration options.


Click in the blank space in your canvas to bring up the Workflow - Configuration options, and click on the Runtime tab. At the bottom you'll see the option to Disable All Tools that Write an Output:







After enabling this option, you'll notice the tools that write output in your workflow are greyed out:




Notice that only the tools that write output (Output Data and Render) are greyed out, the Browse tools are not. If you want to disable the browse tools, there is another setting on the same tab for that option:





This will have the same effect on the Browse tools making it so they will not write out any temp files:





You can use these settings in any combination you'd like to achieve the desired result.

12 - Quasar

Hadn't seen this before- great tip and thanks for sharing. Typically I put all my output steps in containers so I can turn them on and off as needed. Nice to know I can globally turn off all outputs. Does this also impact the 'browse everywhere' function or will that still work and only Browse Tools explicitly are disabled?


Hi @dataMack,


That's a great question, and the answer is yes, it does disable browse everywhere as well. After a run if you click on the output anchor of  tool, you'll see a message in the results window saying "All browse tools are disabled for this workflow. Enable browse tools and run the workflow to view data" as shown below:



7 - Meteor
I am using a Data Stream In tool to create a new table (AKA an output). This is NOT disabled with the "disable all tools that write output" option. @Alteryx: can you fix this?
8 - Asteroid

nice tip, thanks.

8 - Asteroid



Interesting discussion but does anyone else think that a local override to this might be useful?  I like being able to turn off all outputs as this saves so much time but it would be nice to have a limited number turned on so that I can test a part of a workflow.  I know that all can be placed in a container and disable that way but why not just add an enable tick box like there is in the Email Tool?


Just a thought,



PS - or add a new testing browse tool that overrides this global setting which would be replaced on completion of testing with a 'normal' Browse / Render Tool.

8 - Asteroid

Great tip! 

5 - Atom

Does anyone know if the Disable All Tools that Write Outputs works on Google Sheets Outputs?

5 - Atom

Just tested.  Disable All Tools that Write Outputs does not work on Google Sheets Outputs?

8 - Asteroid

Nice Tip! Just started learning Alteryx a couple of weeks ago and been deleting output tools every time I needed to test a workflow. This is a very handy configuration. Thanks

8 - Asteroid

Can you show the step of Alteryx 2011 Version as i am unable to see.

How we reach to Run and make cahnges.

6 - Meteoroid

Is there a way to disable all browse/output tools when the workflow is a batch macro instead of a standard workflow? 


The "Runtime" tab disappears when you change the workflow type to macro on the radio button. 

7 - Meteor

Good tip!

7 - Meteor

Good one, shouldn't all the "Browse" needs be 'disabled' automatically during runtime by default? especially when running the workflow. Human eyes (only) needs to see the data as how it looks after pre-processing steps, machine/code doesn't need that, isn't it? if it comes to computer resources (memory and cache) I would like to see strong reason why that would need explicit disable option. I am coming from different ETL tools but Alteryx thus far the best to my opinions. I am loving it....

5 - Atom

Thanks for sharing! This is really nice tip! Saving space and running time!

7 - Meteor

nice trick, thanks!