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Designer is working slower when working from home


Environment Details

In some cases Designer is very slow when working from home. This can have several root causes.
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When working from home workflows are running very slow.


Cause 1
While there can be multiple root causes this is often caused by a slower network connection sometimes exacerbated by slower VPN. If the autoconfigure setting is enabled (see Help Doc ) Alteryx Designer will automatically configure tools in the workflow. If the tools need to connect to the network this can slow down the workflow if the network is slow. Additionally, when autoconfigure is enabled Designer uses metadata from the data source tool for configurations and referencing this metadata might take some time.

Check whether you have workflows connecting to the internal and external network that might slow down the workflow if autoconfigure is enabled.

Cause 2
Check whether you have Macro folder configured and whether it is on a network drive. This can slow down Designer as Designer will check for the Macro folder every 30 seconds.

Check in Alteryx Designer > Options > User Settings > Edit User Settings > Macros whether a Macro path is set.


Solution 1
In many cases it helps to check the disable autoconfigure option in Alteryx Designer > Options User Settings > Edit User Settings >  Advanced.

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Solution 2
If not required disable the Macro folder in Alteryx Designer > Options User Settings > Edit User Settings > Macros. If it is on a network drive change it to a local drive to increase performance ideally the same drive as Alteryx Designer.

As always if the above does not solve the issue feel free to reach out to Alteryx Customer Support