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Designer Returns Null Value for a Column of Date Datatype in a DB2 Database


Environment Details

When connecting to a DB2 Database via ODBC in Designer, some Date datatype from a column is coming up Null when viewing from the Results panel.


  • Alteryx Designer
    • Version 2019.4+


Potential DB2 ODBC driver issue.


1. Validate the DB2 ODBC Driver is the correct version:
  • The supported DB2 ODBC drivers are in the Help Documentation.
  • If you are using a different DB2 ODBC version, you want to make sure you try with the officially tested versions.

2. Validate using a different application:
  • If the officially tested DB2 ODBC versions are still showing the same issue, use a different application to connect to your DB2 database with the same ODBC driver and see if the problem persists.  
  • If there is no problem from the other application with the supported DB2 ODBC drivers, contact Alteryx Support for help.