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Defect ID: GDC-1352 Error: "The field "" is missing. Compare the tool configuration with the input stream" using Google Sheets Input Tool



A Google Sheets Input tool is added to a workflow to gather the data and metadata. A DateTime tool is added and the relevant DateTime field (string) is selected. This runs successfully, however, if the Google sheets tool is clicked on again, the metadata is lost and the downstream tool shows ‘No suitable fields available’ for field selection, or occasionally ‘Remove’ in the selection dropdown. The following error is displayed in the downstream tool:

The field "" is missing. Compare the tool configuration with the input stream


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer, Server (enter product name as appropriate)
    • Version(s) 2019.3+
  • Google Sheets Input tool version 2.2 and 3.0
  • Tools downstream using metadata from the Google Sheets Input tool e.g DataTime tool




Defect GDC-1352. When the Google Sheets Input Tool is clicked again, Designer attempts to gather the metadata again and fails.



Defect ID GDC-1352 has been reported and will be addressed in a future version of Alteryx Designer.

Solution A

  1. Run the workflow again to gather the metadata
  2. Go back to the downstream tool (e.g. DataTime tool) and re-select required fields
  3. Do not click back in the Google Sheets Input tool

Solution B 

  1. To avoid inadvertently clicking back into the Google Sheets Input tool, after initially running to gather the metadata, drag a Container tool from the Documentation tab
  2. Place the Google Sheets Input tool in the Container
  3. Collapse the Container


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