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Database Issues – Working with Alteryx Customer Support Engineers (CSEs)


Platform Product: Database Issues – Working with Alteryx Customer Support Engineers (CSEs)

Database Issues – Working with Alteryx Customer Support Engineers (CSEs)

To EXPEDITE the resolution of your case, please include the below information. Please be advised you may be asked to provide more information as needed.


Database Connections- Requested Information 

*** Suggestion: copy/paste the questions below and email the supporting documentation to support@alteryx.com


1. Detailed description of the issue

2. Alteryx Version

3. Screenshot and full text of the error

4. Specifics on the database (including driver, driver version, database version, and the connection...

5.  ODBC Trace Log file



Database Connections – Requested Information (Detailed Instructions):
***All of the below are not required, but please send what you can provide.


1. Detailed Description of the Issue – When did the issue start?  Has it worked in the past? Are all users affected or just some?  What are the steps to reproduce your issue? Are you able to connect to the database using another program? If this worked in the past, do you have any information on what has changed (Designer upgrade, database upgrade, driver upgrade, etc.)?

2. Alteryx Version – Our Customer Support Engineers need to know the precise version so we can replicate any issues.   In Alteryx, click Help > About and provide a screenshot, or the exact version number.



3. Screenshot of error, screenshot of tool/connection configuration, and full text of error
- Click CTRL+Print Screen to capture the error and paste into your e-mail/Support Case. Note: You may wish to Google the error text research the issue. The Knowledge Base is also a great place to search the error text as well.

- To copy the full error text, Right Click on the error in the Results window and select 'Copy Selected'. Paste into your e-mail/Support Case.



- For standard database connections, include a screenshot of the configuration of the Input Tool:




- For In-DB connections, include a screenshot of the Manage In-DB Connections window for your connection (include both Read and Write tabs):





4.  Specifics on the database* you are connecting to.  Please provide the following:


- The database you are connecting to, and the database version (if known)

- The driver you are using, and driver version (this can be found through the Windows ODBC Connection Manager)

- Location of the database (on-prem or cloud based, if known)

- If you are not using a DSN, please provide the Connection String, i.e.:

odbc:Driver={ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server};Server=tcp:data.database.windows.net,1433;Database=default;Uid=user@data.com@db1;Pwd=__EncPwd1__;Encrypt=yes;TrustServerCertificate=no;Connection Timeout=30;

This can be found in the Input Tool or the Manage In-DB Connections window (see point 3 for screenshots).


*Our list of supported datasources can be found here: Supported Data Sources and File Formats


5. ODBC Trace Log file - Follow the steps on this article: How To: Gather ODBC Logs for troubleshooting

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