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DE34272: Receive "ERROR: The session is read-only" using pre/post SQL option in the Input Data tool when attempting to perform any operation that is not a select statement


Alteryx Designer
  • All Alteryx version
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon Redshift Drivers
    • Simba Amazon Redshift
    • Amazon Redshift version

When attempting to run any command that is not a select statement, such as dropping/creating tables with regular Input Tool using pre/post SQL option you receive the following error message:
Input Data (2) Executing PostSQL: "drop table "public".nt_sales4;" : [Simba][Amazon Redshift] (30) Error occurred while trying to execute a query: [SQLState 59001] ERROR: The session is read-only

The issue occurs when using Driver Simba Amazon Redshift or Driver Amazon Redshift version
The issue is not observed when using old driver Amazon Redshift

Defect: DE34272
Status: Open.

Defect DE34272 is target for resolution in future release.

Use driver Amazon Redshift

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Receive Error when attempting to run "drop table" command with IN-DB tool

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Hi ntobon,


Has this been resolved? I'm able to run my flow with an INSERT in the post-SQL statement on my local machine, but can't run the same flow on a remote machine.


My local machine is running v1.2.6.1006 (64 bit)

My remote machine is running v1.4.16.1000 (64 bit)


How do I resolve this?


Many thanks