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DE33677: Jupyter Notebook 404 Not Found Error

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer/Server
    • 2021.2
  • AMP engine enabled on the Workflow

After a run using AMP engine, Jupyter Notebook produces an HTTP 404 code and cannot be accessed in Interactive Mode and Production Mode will be blank.

Reverting to E1 creates data loss as the code will not reappear. 



AMP engine enabled for the Workflow. This is a defect (Defect : DE33677/DE29915) and will be fixed in a future release.



Solution A: 

Two workarounds to get the code back : 

After the error occurs:

1. Via the XML tab (even if you have saved the workflow after the error appeared) :


2. Opening the workflow with Notepad (or any IDE) :



Before the Error occurs: 

Using Production Mode will avoid getting the 404 Error (if you need to use AMP). When making edits to your code, you can go back to Interactive Mode but make sure to switch back from Interactive to Production Mode when you want to run the workflow.


Solution B: 

This issue has been fixed in Designer version 2021.3. Please upgrade Designer to version 2021.3 or above,