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DE33550: Huge Data Size Causes Assisted Modeling tool to stop working



Environment Details

Assisted Modeling tool causes an exception error with a dataset that is around 40,000 rows and 84 columns.


There seems to be an issue with the Assisted Modeling tool. You will need to close and relaunch it.

  • Alteryx Designer
    • Versions: All
  • Alteryx Intelligence Suite



DE33550/TISE-4 has been logged to address this.



As a workaround, please build the model with a smaller dataset. Once the model is built, you can replace the input file with a larger dataset. 


  1. Take a small sample of the input data.
  2. Run Assisted Modeling using this data as input
  3. Once the model is finished, change the input file to the full-size data set and run


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