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DE29774: Join Multiple tool produces different results with AMP



The Join Multiple tool produces different results with the AMP engine.  

Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer
    • 2020.4+


Known product defect DE29774 (THYP-370). Matched rows that are expected to be combined into one row are not joined and instead are their own row in the Join Multiple results.

Running the above workflow results in the following: 



DE29774 has been fixed on Designer 2021.3. 

Workaround 1

Deselect the 'Use AMP Engine' option and leave this option deselected for any subsequent runs of the workflow.
  1. Click on a blank area of the workflow canvas
  2. Select the Runtime tab on the workflow configuration window 
  3. Deselect the 'Use AMP Engine' checkbox

Workaround 2

Add a Select tool and rename the fields to have matching names prior to using the Join Multiple tool in the workflow.
  1. Add a Select tool after one or more of the input tools
  2. Change the name of the fields (that will be used for the join) to be matching
    • In the example above, a Select tool would be used to rename the 'right-id' and 'left-id' fields to be the same. 
  3. Add the Join Multiple tool after

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