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Currency Converter

Created on

Tired of pulling conversion rates manually? Me too!


Let’s build ourselves a currency converter in Alteryx Designer version 10.1 using the exchange rates. is a free JSON API for current foreign exchange rates published by the European Central Bank. The rates are updated daily around 3PM CET.


The first thing we will do is gather the API documentation from the website. This will give us the URL we need to make our REST API call. If you are unfamiliar with making REST calls please take a look at Tasha’s


Tony, great post. In the URL I noticed you can also add a date to get historical rates for that day. What I tried to do is add a date input and Value replace on the URL for that date field 2015-02-01 for instance is my default in the URL. Hower I can't seem to replace the date similar to you are replacing the base value. Any idea how to do this with a calendar tool?


 Hi Arnold,


Awesome suggestion!


I've managed to get the URL that can handle historical rates. From the example above, the text input URL would change to This link will pull the rates for today (latest) and a Calendar interface tool will allow a selection of historical dates.


calendar int.png


In the action tool for the calendar I am updating the value for the date string via the calendar selection.






This is amazing! I'm looking to see if something similar exists for Weight Unit conversion. LBS to KG or Tons etc. It should be even easier as these conversions never change unlike exchange rates.

Hi Tony, 


Would you be able to upload the version with the calendar allowing you to pull historical rates?  Much appreciated!!!




Hi @ckjcheung,


I have uploaded the version that can pull historical rates. Please let me know if this is the solution you were looking for!



Hi Tony,


Thanks for the prompt reply!   It's very close to what I am looking for and I am wondering if you can show me one step further.   Using your tool right now, I can only specify one date during each run.  Is it possible to have it pull multiple dates?   Let's say 2014-1-1 to Today?   Can we specify whether we want daily or weekly rates?  


Sorry for all the questions. This is an awesome tool and will be very helpful if it can do that.   


Thanks again!


I've updated the macro to pull results from a given date or date range now @ckjcheung. Thanks again for the suggestion. May I ask how you are utilizing the macro? I'd like to hear about how it is being deployed.

Hi Tony, 


Thanks for uploading the tool.   I work in Asia and my company need to deal with multiple currencies (RMB, JPY, KRW, HKD...) and need to be able to convert them back to USD based on the weekly  rates.  I need to be able to pull weekly exchange rate data so the weekly report I do can reflect the latest currency exchange effects.   I had to manually copy and paste data from websites before.   


Thanks again Tony! 

Hi guys,


I'm a beginner with Alteryx, and I'm trying to use this macro to do a dynamic fx conversion for a weekly report I'm running, but it doesn't have any output for me, what am I doing wrong?


I am connecting it to the workflow, and giving it input a column of integers, the amount I want to convert in USD from EUR, and setting the calendar date for today.


Anything else I need to know?


Thanks and regards,




Hi Tony,


I have been using your macro since last month, and it worked really well; however, today it threw error '404'. The fixer link doesn't seem to be working. I created my ID on and used the "Historical endpoint link", but I am not able to change the base currency. It would be great if you can help me fix this.




It seems like the free account restricts your base currency to EUR.  They require you to pay a subscription if you want to change to other base currencies.   This is annoying...


Yes I realised that I would need atleast a basic subscription. But since I was dealing with only historical currency rates, I created a historical currency rates database and used that to build a currency conversion macro.