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Connectors Issues – Working with Alteryx Customer Support Engineers (CSEs)


Platform Product: Connectors Issues – Working with Alteryx Customer Support Engineers (CSEs)

To EXPEDITE the resolution of your case, please include the below information.


Connectors - Requested Information

*** Suggestion: copy/paste the questions below and email the supporting documentation to Case Portal, while creating a case with Alteryx Support


1.Detailed description of the issue

2.Screenshot of Alteryx version

3.Screenshot of error

4.What is your connector type and version?

5.Screenshot of the Configuration Window of the connector

6. Additional information for API connectors (user-created custom connectors)


Connectors Requested Information (Detailed):


1. Detailed description of the issue – When did the issue start? What are the steps to reproduce your issue? Do you have colleagues who can connect with the tool successfully? Was the connection working before? If so, has anything on the machine or in the workflow changed (i.e. Alteryx version upgrade, ran workflow on a new machine, i.e.)? Have you searched the Alteryx Community using the Connectors label?


2. Screenshot of Alteryx version– Our CSEs need to know the precise version of Alteryx so we can replicate any issues. In Alteryx, click Help>> About and provide a screenshot.

The screenshot will include whether it is Server or Designer. In addition, whether it is “Running Elevated” Admin vs. Non-Admin.





3. Screenshot of error or exact text of error- Click CTRL+Print Screen to capture the error and paste it into your e-mail. Please also include the location where the workflow was running (i.e. on the Gallery, on your local Designer, in the Scheduler?).


Note: You may wish to Google the error text research the issue. The Knowledge Base is also a great place to search the error text as well!



4. What is your Connector Type and Version? To find the tool version, you can right-click the tool and select a version, or you can check the install directory of the tool:



The install directory can be found in either%APPDATA%\Alteryx\Toolsor%PROGRAMDATA%\Alteryx\Tools if you installed the tools as an Administrator




5. Screenshot of the Configuration Window of the Connector- Click CTRL+Print Screen to capture the error and paste.


6. Additional information for API connectors (user-created custom connectors*)

  1. What is the URL for the API endpoint that fails?
  2. What is the Payload being sent to the API?
  3. Have you been able to make a successful connection with another tool (i.e. Postman?)
  4. If so, what are the Postman results for the same API endpoint and payload?
  5. What is the link to API documentation?

*Please note that Alteryx Support does not provide support for connecting to third-party APIs. We are happy to troubleshoot if you are able to successfully connect to the API using a third-party tool (such as Postman) and can provide details on the successful connection.



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