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Connecting to Oracle Eloqua from Alteryx!


Have you ever wanted to enrich your marketing data through improved data blending and analytics. Now is your chance by connecting to Oracle Eloqua through Alteryx!


*This current connection is facilitated by a third party ODBC driver from DataDirect Connectors. DataDirect has a 30 day trial whereby the ODBC driver can be downloaded for free. This ODBC driver has not been certified by Alteryx and thus is not officially supported.






  • The link will take you to the screen in the below screenshot.
  • Please click on the ‘Windows x64’ link in the ODBC drivers section.
  • This will prompt the download onto your machine, if you receive a security warning click on the on the driver download arrow on the right hand side and select ‘Keep’. *Please check with your IT/ Security protocol prior to doing this step.




  • Once downloaded click on the DataDirect Cloud Driver install.
  • This will open a new window, click next until you reach the below screenshot. In this window check ‘Create Default Data Source’, this will create a user DSN account in your ODBC admin automatically within Alteryx.
  • Click ‘next’, ‘Install’ and ‘Done’ on the following windows.




  • You can then open Alteryx and drag in an Input tool.
  • Click on the input tool and dropdown arrow to the database connection folder. Depending on the bit version of your machine, you can either select ‘Database Connection’ for x64 bit or 32 bit Database Connection for x32 bit.
  • In the next window select ‘New ODBC Connection’ (Below screenshot).





  • You should then see the Data Source Name ‘DataDirect Cloud 2.0 (User)’





  • Click on the ODBC Admin button, which will open the ODBC Data Source Administrator. Highlight the ‘DataDirect Cloud 2.0’ Name and the hit Configure.





  • In the General Tab enter the following information (You should only have to add the Database Name. This would have been created in the Data Direct account).






  • You can then press ‘Test connect’ which will prompt the ‘Logon to Cloud’ window. In this window enter the ‘data direct cloud username’ and Password. Hit OK after you have done this. You should see ‘Connection established!’





  • On the security tab back in the ODBC Cloud Driver Setup, please enter in the Authentication section ‘Data Direct Cloud User Name’ as the username. You can leave the logon domain and Data source authentication blank.





  • If you then click ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’ on the ODBC Cloud Driver Setup
  • You should still see the original ODBC Connection with the data source as ‘DataDirect Cloud 2.0 (User)’. In this windows just type in your Password for DataDirect, you can leave the username blank (we included this in the security tab in a previous step).




  • This should then prompt you to ‘Choose Table or Specify Query’ within the visual Query Builder and now you can use Alteryx to make the most of your Eloqua Database!!!
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Great! Thank you Jordan for your post.


I am trying to import data from Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud using CData ODBC Driver. It works for some table and not others.


I have problem import one of Eloqua table and error message as per below:


Import Error.jpg


Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


7 - Meteor

Hi @jimmytpnguyen,


Thanks for using the CData ODBC driver. Unfortunately, this is a fairly generic error message. I think the CData Support Team will need to see the log file for this request to get more details about what went wrong. To generate the log, set the LogFile connection property (ex: C:\EloquaLog.txt) and set the Verbosity to 3 in the DSN configuration.


Please send the log file, along with a description of your error to and they'll help you get this resolved. I'll be sure that the solution is posted here as well.

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This can be resolved by updating CData ODBC Driver to Version 17.0 (Build 6634)