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ConnectNamedPipe Error with McAfee Adaptive Threat Protection

Sr. Data Science Content Engineer
Sr. Data Science Content Engineer
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Intermittently, but more often than not, when a workflow is run it fails, and the following error pops up in the results window:


Error: Designer x64: The Designer x64 reported: AlteryxProcessManager::Start: ConnectNamedPipe: Error in ConnectNamedPipe The pipe is being closed.




  • Alteryx Designer
  • McAfee Adaptive Threat Protection




In Support, we have frequently seen this ConnectNamedPipe behavior associated with McAfee Adaptive Threat Protection (ATP). If you are seeing this error, and have McAfee on your machine, try the following to validate whether you are seeing the same behavior:


  1. Create a workflow with just a Text Input Tool and a Browse Tool, and try running it.
    1. If it does not run the first time, try re-running it repeatedly (up to 10 times) to see if it is eventually able to run.
    2. This intermittent ability to run workflows is the behavior we see most often when McAfee ATP is causing the issue. If you are able to reproduce this behavior, proceed to the next diagnosis step.

  2. Run a process monitor (Microsoft Process Monitor can be downloaded here) while attempting to use Alteryx.
    1. Check the resulting log files.
    2. If the logs files show Alteryx processes intermixed with McAfee ATP processes (as shown in figure 1 below), proceed to the final diagnosis step. 

 2018-06-26_14-23-23.pngfigure 1 – Alteryx processes intermixed with McAfee ATP

3.  Try working with your IT team to temporarily disable the McAfee ATP, and see if the error goes away entirely.

1. If you are able to run workflows without issue while ATP is disabled, you have identified the cause of your error!





The McAfee ATP functionality is interacting with internal communications in the Alteryx Designer software and causing a delay, resulting in a timeout. Even though McAfee ATP isn't taking any action on Alteryx (no blocks, no detections, etc.) the presence of the McAfee ATP module, which is essentially an application sandboxing capability, can cause timing issues within our application.


Solution A


Work with your IT team to whitelist (create an exception for) the following directories recursively, which Alteryx needs to run:




C:\Program Files\Alteryx\*

C:\Program Files (x86)\Alteryx\*





NOTE: This folder list assumes the default paths are being used. If you are not using the default paths you will need to adjust the paths accordingly.


Something we've learned from McAfee Support it that the McAfee ATP whitelist is not recursive, meaning that if a directory is added to the whitelist with a wild card, it does not automatically whitelist all cascading sub-directories and files. We have been able to work around this issue with other users by creating a workflow that detects the folder depth of the Alteryx directories on their machine, and then creates wildcard whitelist entries for the depth of each folder.







…and so on






NOTE:  The folder depth will vary by machine and installation, based on which software and data packages you have installed. I've attached a copy of the Alteryx workflow that will detect the depth of each Alteryx directory on your machine. You may find this helpful to ensure the whitelist is created properly. To use this workflow, you will need to replace Username in the Text Input with your username on your workstation. 



Solution B


Work with your IT team to Disable the McAfee ATP functionality in McAfee.


Additional Resources



i'd also suggest validating that you try switching your Admin vs non-Admin version, either direction

This solved the problem for me - stripped out the non-Admin version and installed Admin, without the need (so far) to do anything with McAfee at all

Note : another user did mention that it was probably just that IT had whitelisted the Admin version and went no further..

but in any case, may be a good short term fix for whomever might be interested




Hi Sydney,


I was too lazy to do the things you recommended. I couldn't figure out how to write the McAfee ATP whitelist and some of the other stuff. I needed a quicker solution, so I found one. At least this solution works for me. I can now go surfing with Alteryx because my pipeline is staying open. Hopefully, this helps others, too. Youtube video of my solution.