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Configuring Gallery workflows to use temporary files for e-mail attachments or output


Configuring Gallery workflows to use temporary files for e-mail attachments or output


This article will help you configure Gallery workflows to use temporary files in the Engine’s staging directory for e-mail attachments or output.




Start by putting the file that will be used as an attachment or output in the same folder directory as the workflow. Then, in Designer, choose the file by browsing to its location on disk. Next, go to Options, Advanced Options, and Workflow Dependencies.

The best practice method is to change the output file data source path to a relative path. Select the option to Show Individual Tools, and then choose the Edit button next to the output file.




Click on the Relative button, and this will change the path of the file selected to be relative to the workflow. The path will appear like this:.\Output.yxdb. 




Once the workflow is ready to publish to the Gallery, select File, Save As, and then the Gallery. The Save Workflow window appears, choose Workflow Options, and Manage Workflow Assets.




In the Save Workflow window, you have the option to either check or uncheck the file as a workflow dependency. When the file is unchecked, a new file writes to a staging directory each time the workflow runs on the Gallery. The staging directory used for the dynamic output gets removed automatically on a space needed basis.




When sending the output to recipients from the E-Mail Tool, the attachment should have a relative path to the workflow. Note that entering just the file name and extension implies a relative path to the workflow. This is recommended. Also, the use of a Block Until Done Tool will ensure that the output file writes entirely before sending the e-mail.





Similarly, when using an E-Mail Event, be sure the output file is configured with a relative path as well.




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