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Configure Desktop with Scheduler


This article assumes that you've already installed Alteryx Desktop with Scheduler.

As with the preceding step,you must have Admin privileges on the computer being configured. You can run the Alteryx program as Administrator by right-clicking on the Alteryx program icon:

Run as admin.png

To set the configurations, go to Options -> Advanced Options -> System Settings. Alternatively, you can run the program Alteryx System Settings independently if it's conveniently on your desktop.

The Categories down the left will be Environment, Controller, Worker, Gallery (no subscreens), Engine. Likewise, the Status window will have the Gallery section gray and “Disabled”.


For single desktop setups, the computer will be both Controller and Worker. Examples of how Controller and Worker interact can be found here.

Click Next to see the Environment Setup Type: Designer and Scheduler Only will have the radio button selected.

Environment Setup.png

Click Next again to bring up the Controller General configuration.

Controller General.png

Unless there is a compelling reason, don’t change the default data paths. Do confirm that there is sufficient disc space. (In Windows, right click on drive to view Properties, compare to the Alteryx default tech specs.)

For convenience, select Enable Scheduler auto-connect. Click Next to proceed.

Controller Persistence.png

For a default desktop (Designer) Scheduler setup, leave the Database Type as SQLite. If you want to set up and managea MongoDB, that will be more expandable ifyou eventually change to Server, but selecting MongoDB will not provide auto-configuration. Click Next to proceed.

Mapping is optional. Ifyou don't expect to do a lot of mapping immediately, leaving it unchecked is preferable. Click Next to proceed.

Worker Config.png

Leaving the number of simultaneous workflows at 1 is simplest. It makes running sequential schedules very straightforward. Leave sort/join memory at 0here. Modifications to Sort/Join Memory settings can be modified on the Engine General screen as described here. Click Next to proceed.

Run As.png

Set Run as different user. You can determine domain name using command prompt and whoami. You must configure a user with access to whatever shared resources will be needed. If left unconfigured, the default credentials will be used and data will not be found to be available. Click Next to proceed.

Allow machine to render tiles for mapping; it’s best to leave this checked. Click Next to proceed.

Skip Gallery.

Engine configuration can be left as defaults. If you choose to set Sort/Join, it should be half your physical memory (RAM) divided by the number of simultaneous Alteryx processes you expect to run. (Example: 16GB / 2 / 2 = 4GB = 4096 MB) Run engine at a lower priority is recommended for Gallery, which is not relevant to Designer + Scheduler configs. Whether to select this optionwill depend on performance preferences for other memory-intensive applications. Click Next to proceed.

After going through all the setup screens, you still need to click Finish and then on the next screen click Done. When the setup is complete, the AlteryxService will start and your Scheduler will be up and running.

For detailed instructions toschedule workflows or apps, please consult this resource!

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@LisaL - if I have the Desktop Scheduler running on my laptop and under my username, what would you recommend for out of office coverage? If something needs to be adjusted and the individual is not in the office, what are my options? In addition, if the user who has the scheduler on their desktop leaves the company, can all of the setups easily be transferred to a different username?


Thanks in advance for your insights.






Hi Kristina,


For production situations, we would recommend that you use Alteryx Server rather than Desktop Automation.  Within the realm of Desktop Automation however, I don't think that we have an official recommendation for you.  


As I'm sure you know, the Scheduler only works as long as the AlteryxService is running, so you'd have to leave your laptop connected and running while you are out of the office.  


You (or your IT representative) can set Properties to allow a user the needed permissions.  Then if s/he logs on to your computer, s/he can run Alteryx Designer.



 Properties.pngUser Accounts.png


Whether you consider setting up a new instance of Designer with Desktop Automation "easy" I can't say.  You can follow the directions in this post: and then substitute the SQLite backup from the original machine onto the new one.


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good afternoon. Are the above the same steps for alteryx version 2019.4x64?  Once I right click to run as adminstrator, it's not allowing me to see system settings in the app.  , go to Options -> Advanced Options -> System Settings


I'm not sure it's allowing me to be an administrator. any thoughts?

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I am having the same results as AAA2191 in 2019.04.


There is no System Settings under


Options -> Advanced Options -> 


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I figured out the issue, I had previously installed the Non-Admin version.  I re-installed the Admin version from Downloads it now have the Options -> Advanced Options -> System Settings

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Hi @LisaL -


I just setup my Desktop Scheduler on a new machine. I followed the above instructions and was able to successfully schedule workflows. However, all of them get stuck in the queue with the status "Queued". None of them start to process. I closed and open Alteryx, logged in both as an admin and with my own account. I checked Services and the Alteryx Service has the status "running". I can't figure out why they do not process. Ideas?



The most simple reasons for this could be on the System Settings page for the Worker Configuration.  Review that page and make sure you've checked Allow the machine to run..., that you have at least 1 simultaneous workflow, and that the Quality of Service is 0, and (not shown) that the worker can Run unassigned jobs.


Also be sure to go all the way through every "Next" through "Finish" and "Done."


If you've checked those things (and you have a paid license), then open a case with Support.



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Quick Question : 

Running WFs from my personal folders is my first priority.

Running WFs from that shared location is only for few WFs which can be said secondary but NEEDS TO RUN.

Hope setting to run the worker as a different user does not effect the other normally running WFs.

If it does, How do i deal with this situation?



Running "as a different user" means that the AlteryxService will attempt to run using the credentials entered.  This is distinct from running as the local system account, which typically has very limited permissions.  There are three main options here:

  1. Use your credentials for the Run As user.  This will allow the AlteryxService access to anything you can access.
  2. Run the service from your account.  (As shown in the below image, in Services, right-click on Alteryx Service and then select Properties > Log On and enter your credentials so that the Service runs as you, including before a workflow is initiated.)  This would allow you to run workflows "On Disk" using UNC paths that otherwise would not be accessible to the AlteryxService.  The downside of this approach is that you must remember to manually set this every time you upgrade/install Designer because it is not the default.
  3. Work with your IT/Security team to give more permissions to the local system account.  This may not be allowed for security reasons.