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Calculate Business Days Between Dates



How do I calculate the number of business days between two dates?


We get this question a lot in Customer Support. It's actually fairly easy to do using a just a few tools.


Assuming your beginning and end date are in two separate fields you can take a look at the sample attached to demonstrate the process.


1) Use the Generate Rows tool to fill in the missing dates

2) Use a Formula tool to create a field with the day of the week for each of the filler dates

3) Use a Filter tool to remove the unwanted days of the week

4) Use the Summarize tool to count the number of days that are left


Note that if you don't already have an unique ID on each record, you'll want to use the Record ID tool to add one to make the summarize process easier.


The sample workflow was built in 10.6, but the same general process can be followed in all versions.

7 - Meteor

I am having trouble opening up the example file (yxzp) am i missing something ?


Solved my problem now please ignore

8 - Asteroid

Hi Sir,


(DateTimeDiff(["2018-01-10","2018-01-23",'Business Days')) >= 15


How can i code it in alteryx, I am getting confuse,  

5 - Atom

Is there a way for this calculation to return a negative number? There are times within my date where the end date is prior to the begin date. It is valid and I need it to return the negative number.

5 - Atom

any ways to do that in-db? I tried searching ways to copy generate rows function but didn't find clues