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Attaching additional files to a workflow package (yxzp file)



How do I attach additional files to a workflow package (yxzp file)?


You'll notice some of the menus have been rearranged in version 10+. So if you are looking to export a workflow package, you will find that under the Options menu,  Export Workflow.  By default, you will see all the assets that the workflow depends on to run properly, but sometimes you will want to include additional files to package with the workflow.


To include additional files, you need to enable Asset Management which can be found under Options ->User Settings-> Edit User Settings -> Advanced, check the box, Display Asset Management in Properties window. Once this is enabled, you will be able to include assets with your workflows.


Return to your workflow canvas and select the Input tool (or any tool that may require an asset or dependency, like Input/Output tools or the Run Command tool). In the Configuration Window, click the Assets icon assets.pngthen Add Files to browse to the additional files to include.



You can add any type of files here - macros, documents, data files, etc.


Navigate back to the Export Workflow from the Options window and you will see the additional files are included.





Note: Just because an “explicit” dependency is now associated with a specific tool, it doesn’t mean that only that tool could use it. So, if you had a number of Run Command tools in a module that need the same file to operate correctly, you don’t necessarily have to include it with all of them (although you can—you will still only include it once in the final package).


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5 - Atom

Is it possible to add an "User added asset" dependency as a relative path instead of an absolute one?


(i.e. instead of "C:\Users\Tmccoy\Documents\01_26_2015.txt", to say something like "..\..\..\Documents\01_26_2015.txt")

8 - Asteroid

I have the same question as HelloWorld1 above

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi, @HelloWorld1  and @ExploreMore.  I'm not aware of a way to directly add a dependency with a relative path.  However, when the Workflow is exported (Options > Export Workflow), Alteryx creates a shortened relative path to the dependency within the package.  For me, that has taken care of any use cases that would benefit from a relative path.