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Analytic App Values – (.yxwv files)

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When developing an Analytic App, you can use .yxwv files to quickly populate your Analytic App with values.  This can be a real time saver when your Analytic App has more than a few questions (or tabs of questions) that need to be answered.

How to Create a .yxwv file:

To create a .yxwv file, click the Analytic App Run button (looks like Gandalf’s staff…), make all of your value selections, then before clicking “Finish”, on the left-hand side locate and click the “Save” button to create your .yxwv file.  To use a .yxwv file, click the Analytic App Run button, and click on the “Open” button to select your .yxwv file.  Once selected, you will see your Analytic App is automatically populated with your testing values.


I had a question on this. If I wanted to send an app to someone with all of the respective input files, is there a way to send them a yxwv 'App Template' with relative referencing so they can use the yxwv files to populate the app?