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AlteryxRPluginEngine.dll could not be loaded


AlteryxRPluginEngine.dll could not be loaded: The specified procedure could not be found


When running any of the R-based predictive tools in Designer, you may come across the below error message:


AlteryxRPluginEngine.dll could not be loaded: The specified procedure could not be found. (127)




  • Product - Alteryx Predictive Tools
    • Any R-based predictive tool (Linear Regression, Decision Tree, Association Analysis, etc.)



Typically this error is caused by having a mismatch in versions between Designer and Predictive Tools. It is required that both Designer and Predictive Tools are on the same version number (e..g, 2018.4) and type (Admin/Non-Admin).




  1. Search Windows for "Add or Remove Programs" or go there through the Control Panel
  2. Uninstall both Alteryx Designer and Alteryx Predictive Tools
    • Note: It is fine to only uninstall either all Admin versions, or all Non-Admin versions, if desired. Non-Admin versions will say (User) in parentheses.
    • DaveF_0-1573591816060.png
  3. Download the matching versions from the Downloads page
    • Admin example:  AlteryxInstallx64_2019.3.5.17947.exe AND RInstaller_2019.3.5.17947.exe
    • Non-Admin example: AlteryxNonAdminInstallx64_2019.3.5.17947.exe AND RNonAdminInstall_2019.3.5.17947.exe


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It really is great that you are writing these cases up with the error details so that they become a resource to find when someone faces a confusing red error message that they dont understand.



This seems like a wonderful way to turn support issues into a re-usable asset that uplifts the entire user base.