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'Alteryx has stopped working' - APPCRASH


‘Alteryx has stopped working’ - APPCRASH


Scenario: You are running a workflow and all of a sudden Alteryx becomes unresponsive and a windows prompt opens and says ‘Alteryx has stopped working’ with options to close the program. Once you click on problem signature properties it references 'Problem Event Name: APPCRASH'.

This error can be due to several factors however there a few troubleshooting steps which have resolved this error for several of our clients in the past.


Are you on the latest version of Alteryx?

  • If possible being on the latest version of Alteryx can help ensure any known bug fixes have been resolved and the software is up to date. To find the latest version of the Designer please click on this link Downloads


Limit the number of Browse tools

  • Every time you add a Browse Tool to the canvas it caches the data locally, therefore if you have a large workflow this can sometimes cause memory issues on your machine (dependent upon your machine environment). This can be adjusted by changing the default sort/join memory, however taking advantage of the Browse Everywhere is highly recommended!
  • Before removing all browses you can also 'Disable All Browse Tools' in the runtime configuration settings to test this theory.

 Pic 1.png



 Have you tried the block until done tool?

  • When Alteryx becomes unresponsive it can be due to constraints on the processing power of the machine. More often than not you may receive an error relating to an ‘inbound pipe error’ (also memory related). The Block Until Done Tool (found in the developer category) allows all the pre-processing to occur before passing data downstream (e.g. writing out through an output tool). This often makes it an easier process when writing out to a database.


Adjust your sort/join memory

Again, as always if this error persists after trying these troubleshooting steps, please do not hesitate to reach out at


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