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Alteryx for Excel Users: Find the future date after 'x' working days from [Date]


Finding the future date after 30 from today is easy in Excel. Use the =TODAY function and add 30.

Date After X Working Days 01.png

There's an Alteryx function - DateTimeAdd - that does the same thing:


What if we wanted to know the date 30 working/business days from today? Excel has a function called 'WORKDAY' to do that.

Date After X Working Days 03.png

And it isn't limited to just today's date. You can use any date.

Date After X Working Days 04.png

Finding a future date 'x' working days from today - or any day - in Alteryx is a little trickier. At least it was. Attached is an app you can use to pick a date and the number of working days in the future.


From the snapshot above, you'll see the Calendar macro is used. There are two versions of this macro. One where the week begins on Sunday and the other where the week begins on Monday. In the attached app uses the macro where the week begins Sunday but the macro starting on Monday can easily replace it.

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