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Alteryx Starter Kit For Human Resources Foreign Languages Correction Needed


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer or Server
    • All versions
  • Alteryx Starter Kit for Human Resources
    • File added to Downloads portal 18 November 2020 or File added to Downloads portal 10 February 2021
    • Package built for Designer (admin or non-admin) or Server versions 2020.3 and later
    • Analyzing Employee Satisfaction.yxwz for any language other than English

If you run the app without noticing that the selections are not clickable, it errors. For example

Summarize (239): The field "EnvironmentSatisfactionJobSatisfactionWorkLifeBalance" is not contained in the record. 



This issue is being tracked by Alteryx as DE28511.
The Drop Down tools were not configured correctly.  Manually set values need to have one option per line.  (If there is not a Name:Value pair, the Name is used for both.)


Each of the three Drop Down tools needs to be corrected.

For each one, click on the tool, then change the Configuration > Properties from one single line of text to multiple lines by typing Enter after each option.


When the configuration is correct for all three tools, save the workflow.

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